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A Breakdown of Final Exemptions

Jadan Willis

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 As we’re all counting down the days until school ends, we’re doing anything possible to be exempt from finals.

First of all, Keystone exemptions are no longer offered. Second, you can have an unlimited number of exemptions. Ultimately, though, t’s at the teacher’s discretion as to whether they even allow exemptions. The majority of teachers allow them, but project-based classes can vary. For example, in Photoshop, the final may be a specific project rather than a test. In this case, you cannot earn an exemption.

Freshmen are excluded from exemptions in order to get used to final exams.

As for AP classes, exemptions typically depend on whether or not you took the AP test and your grades for the third and fourth marking periods.

For all the other courses, exemptions are based solely on your grades. If it’s a semester course, then you must have earned an A for each marking period in order to be exempt.

With a full-year class, your four marking period grades and midterm grade are all factored in. You can have all A’s for each of those five components or just one B in the mix.

Your final course grade is comprised of five components. Your midterm and final grade are averaged together to create “one component”, then that is averaged together with your four marking period grades. If you got an A on the midterm and a B on the final (or vice versa), then your midterm/final component grade is an A. The same idea applies to the other consecutive letter grades; the average will “round up” to the higher grade.

Each letter has a certain point value. An A is 4.0 points, B is 3.0, a C is 2.0, a D is 1.0, and an F is 0. So, the maximum number of points one can accumulate for a class is 20. If you want to calculate your final course grade yourself, you can add up the points for each of your five components. The scale is as follows:


18-20 points = A

13-17 points = B

8-12 points  = C

  3-7 points  = D

  0-2 points  = F

As finals creep closer and closer, your teachers should be notifying you as to whether exemptions are (1) an option and (2) whether or not you are exempt.

You can also find an explanation of the grading system in your agenda on page 25.

Good luck with exams – your last stop before summer break!

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A Breakdown of Final Exemptions