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Daddy Daughter Dance 2018

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Daddy Daughter Dance 2018

Mylee Smith and Emma Curtis

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      The annual Daddy Daughter Dance took place on March 3rd for daughters and their dads to come out, spend some time together, have a good time, and dance! The dance is a great and successful fundraiser that helps support the football booster club. Before the dance took place and the fun started, the class of 2021 had a salon fundraiser for the girls going.

     Three rooms were staged for the event: makeup, hair, and nails. Each room held many girls that got to choose what makeup, nail color, and hairstyle they wanted.

     Generous volunteers fulfilled these wishes for them to make it a memorable night for the girls. Lights were strung around the room with stars hanging from the doorways, and the scattered balloons turned out to be a big hit.

     The class of 2021 president, Kayla McCauley, says about the salon, “We’re not looking on how to much to make; we’re looking to make sure the girls have a good time, and we want to do it a lot more.” And that’s exactly what all the girls experienced.

     Kayla also said, “A lot of girls go to the Daddy-Daughter Dance and like to get their hair and nails done, and we thought it was a good, affordable option for people in the community.” It certainly was, and I can personally tell you that many of the girls enjoyed it and looked ready to have a good time.

     6 o’clock was when all the fun began. The cafeteria was blaring with music, and the walls were strung with many lights. The girls danced to songs while having a good time with their fathers. The football players also attended the dance and had just as good of a time. While spending time with each other, they also danced with some of the girls, and made the dance feel more lively. When I actually got a chance to sit down with the girls, most of them said they like the dance because they get to hang out with their dad and friends, and they always end up having fun. Some girls make it a tradition to attend the dance every year. Along with all the dancing, raffles took place and prizes were given out.

     Between the dancing, socialization, and the prizes, the Football Boosters always manage to make it a fun night for the girls every year.

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Daddy Daughter Dance 2018