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New Teachers & Staff at the High School-Barron

Faith Redcay and Elaina Kreider

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Mr. Barron-Learning Support attended an all boys Catholic school and graduated in 2012.  He was involved in intramural clubs and sports.

He was in honors and AP classes.  While his classes usually weren’t heavy on homework, they expected a lot, so he kept busy with studying.  

As you can imagine, going from being a student at a private school in the city in Delaware, to teaching at Solanco, a public school in the country in Pennsylvania, was a change for Mr. Barron.  

He says he is really grateful that he is here and gets to experience a whole new world.  “It’s a hop, skip, and a jump, but I’m liking it,” he said.  

He says that Solanco seems like a really close knit community and that everybody seems like they’re in this together, which he really likes.  

He admits that Solanco is much more rural than he’s used to.  He would like to lead or participate in intramural sports in the future.  He would also enjoy being involved in music, board games, or video game clubs.  

Even though it hasn’t been that long ago, he has noticed changes from when he went to high school.

The increase in technology with accessibility to computers and smart-boards in the classroom are different from his high school experience.  

To add, the amount students are on their phones has increased.  Mr. Barron shared the reason he decided to be a teacher. He didn’t know for a long time what he wanted to do.  The biggest moment for him was when he went off to college and he took this English class.  He was always incredibly shy all throughout high school and middle school.  He explained to us he was one of those students who would get there early to sit in the back and try to avoid talking to people as much as possible.  In one English class, he was called on to answer a question. He bombed it and felt like he looked like a complete idiot.  His English teacher was super nice and later sent him an email thanking him for participating, saying he had a lot of really good things to say. His teacher wrote that it would be awesome if he could talk more and share his ideas. “That really moved me–the fact that something as small as an email could have such a profound impact on me. I want to be able to do stuff like that with my kids”.  His advice for students it to “enjoy the time that you have because it goes quickly. After that, you’re either in college or you have a job and you don’t get that experience. You only get one high school, so make the most of it”.

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New Teachers & Staff at the High School-Barron