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New Teachers & Staff at the High School-Biles

Faith Redcay and Elaina Kreider

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Mr. Biles-American Literature attended Shaler Area High School (located outside of Pittsburgh) and graduated in 1994.

He was a member of the varsity soccer

team and did track.  He was involved in musicals, plays, and marching band.  

He also participated in mock law.  He liked going to school mostly to see his friends and rarely missed school.   

As for school work, he got a lot more homework than we do now and he was usually catching up on work on Sunday nights.  

He shared an embarrassing story from high school; there was a hairstyle called the thrasher when he was in school that’s now called the skater.  The style is when you have longer hair on the top of your head and a buzz cut around the bottom.  He went to the barber, but he wasn’t around.

The barber’s father, who didn’t speak English very well, said he would do it.  

Mr. Biles told him he needed a line around his head, but the man thought he meant an actual line. He buzz cut a line down to the skin in Mr. Biles’s hair all the way around his head.  He had the line on his head for about four or five weeks before his hair grew in!

Obviously, Mr. Biles survived the embarrassment.  

He is now an English teacher.   His reason for becoming a teacher is to train the next generation of leaders.  His time in that age bracket is done, and now he feels it’s his responsibility to give back to the next group of students.  

He certainly has done that at Solanco already.  He was the fall play director this year, is the assistant director of the musical, and co-advisor of the drama club.  

If he has time, he would like to coach soccer or get involved in track and field.  In addition, he may like to lead a board game/comic book club.  

Mr. Bile’s impression of Solanco is that he is very impressed with the diversity of student backgrounds.  

According to Mr. Biles, there is less reliance on textbooks and more reliance on technology.

Also, compared to when he went to school, there is less homework, he says.  

He’s noticed that students are given a lot more support and “hand holding” now if they’re not doing well.  Someone will always be there to drag them to the finish line.  

In his day, you were expected to be responsible for yourself.  

Mr. Biles’ advice to students is not to take this time for granted.  “It is going to fly by very quickly and it only gets harder from here. This is probably going to be the easiest time in your life because you have people here that are going to have your back, which isn’t true in the real world.”

He wants students to know that they all have valid opinions and thought processes, are worth something, and should never feel like they’re worthless to anyone.

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New Teachers & Staff at the High School-Biles