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New Teachers & Staff at the High School-Jurisson

Faith Redcay and Elaina Kreider

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Miss Jurisson-Spanish is a 2010 Solanco graduate.  She was involved in all things musical.  She was in musicals, chorale, and chorus.  She also played the flute in the band, orchestra, marching band, and pep band.  On top of all that, she ran cross country.  Mrs. Jurisson was a diligent student and was serious about school.  

Mrs. Jurisson’s return to Solanco as a long-term substitute has helped her to see Solanco in a different way than when she was a student.  It’s a really friendly, personable place and she sees that more now through her interactions with fellow teachers.  

Even though she will be leaving after midterms, she is already busy; leading the Spanish Honor Society and having a tutoring advisory for Spanish students.  

She never expected to be a teacher.  She went into college not wanting to be a teacher.  Then, one day she heard an interview with a man who had horrible experiences as a student, receiving bullying and abuse from students and teachers.  

It broke her heart and she realized she really needed to be somewhere that she could care about students.  “I love Spanish, but my main reason for becoming a teacher is to just care about students.”  

Returning after seven years, Mrs. Jurisson noticed that the demographics have changed at Solanco High School.  

There are a lot more Hispanic students. “It’s really cool for the Spanish students who are not native speakers to have that interaction and to get to hear about other cultures.”

As far as advice for high school students, Mrs. Jurisson feels that it’s good to work hard, be disciplined, and get good grades. She also feels that she was so focused on schoolwork that she didn’t really get to hang out with friends and enjoy the fun parts of high school as much as she wished she had.  “Get good grades, that’s really important, and work hard, but remember to have fun and make time for that too”.

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New Teachers & Staff at the High School-Jurisson