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New Teachers & Staff at the High School-King

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Mr. King-Physics graduated from Octorara Area High School in 2007. Like many kids today, he wasn’t the biggest fan of school.

He says he wasn’t involved in much besides the school marching band, but he really enjoyed hanging out with friends.

Mr. King described one regret he has; his fashion choices. The style at the time consisted of pants that zipped off at the knee  into shorts. Mr King could be found sporting these beauties with a tee shirt underneath a half buttoned -up shirt!

It’s funny to think that the same school hating student is now a physics teacher.

When asked why he chose to become a teacher, he says that kids always hated physics in his school because they had a mean teacher. He didn’t want students to be turned away from the subject because of their teacher.  

Now, for his second time in high school, he is having a much better experience. He is leading the Student Christian Fellowship, and hopes to lead more things in the future. His impression of Solanco is very positive.

He loves the family feel and how well-behaved students are. When asked for the biggest difference between his high school days and the high school experience now, he gave the popular answer of technology, and more specifically, smartphones. Instant information at your fingertips was not a luxury of his day.  

He admits that if he had a smartphone as a student, he would have been easily distracted by it.

Mr. King also has some great advice to offer out of his experience: “Get interested in something,” he said.

He continues, “If you don’t figure it out in high school, you’re going to spend a lot of money trying to figure it out college. It’s much better to at least have some idea of what you’re going to to do.

After high school, aside from your parents, you’re not gonna have any adults who are going to support you, care for you, and be there for you for free like in high school.”

The last thought Mr. King left for us is to consider is that teachers are actually human!

When he has a bad day, it sticks with him for a long time. Kids don’t know how hard it to get rid of those emotions. This may be hard for students to grasp, but in reality our teachers are just like us!

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New Teachers & Staff at the High School-King