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New Teachers & Staff at the High School-Musselman

A glimpse into their high school experiences as both students and teachers

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New Teachers & Staff at the High School-Musselman

Faith Redcay and Elaina Kreider

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So the rumors are true, at one point our teachers used to be high school students too!  The seven new teachers of our high school were gracious enough to share about their high school experiences as students and also communicate what it was like coming back into the high school again, not as students, but as teachers.  The stories they have to share about their past and present experiences cannot be missed.  Continue reading to learn a little more about the people that serve you each day.

       Mrs. Musselman-Math went to Northampton High School and graduated in 2008.  She played soccer and ran cross country.  When she wasn’t focused on sports, she was working at getting good grades in her honors classes.  

She learned to manage her time by taking advantage of her study halls. She reminisced about hating to wear glasses and how she got a really small pair.  However, her eyes were too big for them so her eyes stuck out of her glasses.  She admits she wasn’t a huge fan of high school and is glad it is over.

Now, she is returning to high school as a math teacher.  

Mrs. Musselman really enjoyed math but didn’t know what she could do with it in college.  She decided to try teaching and loved it.  

She says technology has really changed since when she was in high school. The smart boards are new and kids have less study halls and free time than she did.  

Her impression of Solanco has been a good one.  She likes the school spirit and how everyone knows what they want in life.  

In the future, she would love to coach cross country and track.  Her advice to students is to try to focus on school and have an idea of a path that you would like.  “Experiment with different classes so you can find out what you like and develop an idea of what you’d like to do after high school”.

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New Teachers & Staff at the High School-Musselman